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Exhibitions, Installations, Projects

Shadows & Echoes

Residency. An investigation into the nature of shadows and echoes. Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London 2016

When I was a child I believed in shadows. I believed they copied us deliberately, and played tricks on us, they way they stretched out or hid secrets deep within them.

Shadow Catcher, Crypt Gallery, London 2016

Voice of a Statue

Sound art, online exhibition The Listening Booth 2016

Voice of a Statue, 2015


Covert Artist in Residence, Victoria & Albert Museum London 2015

Museums. Galleries. Off peak. Off season.The long hallways, past the metalwork. To the least frequented galleries and rooms, until, at last, perhaps I get the place to myself. I hear my thoughts. I can be overwhelmed by objects, eras, treasures. I can glance a lifetime's pursuit - a civilisation in a moment, in a cup, in a painting, I can defocus my eyes and listen.


The Facsimile Box, Nordic Museum, Stockholm 2015

The Facsimile Box, Victoria & Albert Museum, London 2015


Moving image installation

We leave an impression on the time we inhabit

Embedded, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield 2014

Embedded, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield 2014

Embedded, APT Gallery, London 2014

Absolute Magnitude

International travelling art project.

Started as an idea in exhibition collaboration between MA fine art students studying with the Open College of the Arts, Absolute Magnitude largely coincided with the launch of theViewergallery.

Absolute Magnitude is the measure of a celestial object's intrinsic brightness, or an expression of a star’s luminosity.

It allows the true brightnesses of objects to be compared without regard to distance.

Absolute Magnitude II Earth, Tate Britain, London 2014

Absolute Magnitude I Sun, Original Gallery, London 2011