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The Future Past Tense stills

The Future Past Tense is a one hour Moving Image animation, made from sixty drawings completed on consecutive days. Each drawing was finished in an exact hour, and so the piece compresses these hours into one. Science indicates that time may not be absolute; poetry and philosophy remind that time is an idea, and our own experience shows us time is malleable. The drawings cross over between areas of mindfulness and the unconscious. The sound was made in a similar way to the moving image – isolating and then layering harmonies to create waves which roll in and out of synchronisation. As minimalist music repeats and reiterates, so the animation is minimalist. Unanswerable questions come from transforming drawing into video – if digitised, are they still drawings; are the drawings images or objects? The camera reveals the nature of the drawings – the metallic, tarry presence of the graphite, the leaden, shiny sheen and the black entity of the darkness. Shadows and lights, contrast and lines, implied movement. That is all drawing is really. The Future Past Tense moves through ideas, shifting through surface to image, through layers of what drawing suggests, collecting shades of inner activity, seducing and disrupting the eye simultaneously. 2012
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Moving Image stills

The Future Past Tense stills