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Moving Image stills Moving Image stills Contraption Contraption Light captured yet seeming to occur naturally. Light like plastecine, to feel and pull, and throw in the air to defy gravity. Light writhing, transformed into an isolated object, disembodied and floating. digital video installation. 2006 175854853 Transition Transition Streams of people pass by, pass each other, casting shadows and reflections - the merest layer of presence. Amongst the multitude, what may be inferred, what read, about a person, about humanity. digital video still. 2008 175854899 Volume Volume The mass of human knowledge flows like a wave passing through this world in solid form. This stream of ideas is unknowable in its entirety, as if comprising a shared mind. Fleetingly graspable, each voice and thought is bound in time, as ephemeral as their authors' lives. digital video still. 2008 175854926 Seep Seep Time erases the boundaries of our selves, our bodies, and there is a letting of the person, a haemorrhaging, as we absorb the flow of tidal, cyclical, everyday experiences. Time seeps into our lives, as we seep into the overlaying membranes of our selves. digital video still. 2009 175855000 Ever Ever A neverending series of staircases, merging one into the next. Ascending into night; into day; through weather; stalking interiors. Constantly unfolding associations ascend through atmospheres and times, pacing through dreams, nightmares. Forever in motion. On and on. Towards. Away from. Ever. digital video still. 2008 175855903 Five Feet Two digital video still. 2006 175855931 Existence Existence A hand, illuminated almost to negative; a breast glowing with life and presence; these slivers of existence, leaking the feeling of lifeblood within, are intimate, rhythmic - an open secret. digital video still. 2007 175856390 Mask Mask A face fills the screen. The eyes gaze on, unblinking, while a facemask dries - a living paradox of real and unreal time. digital video still. 2005 175860900 Mirror, Signal Mirror, Signal Emerging from the dark, hands glow with light, like shadowy X-rays. Even perfect vision is a series of blurred impressions, and only that which we pay attention to is really in focus - and so hands move in and out of clarity, dragging their shapes into abstract form. Sometimes they appear to have too many fingers, or not enough. Sometimes they writhe and resemble ghostly winds. What is signed can only be fleetingly grasped, for what hands really express and betray are our inner feelings. digital video still. 2007 175861079 X4 X4 Insects behave in ways which reveal deep parts of human psychology. Motives and anthropomorphisising aside, insects react to forces, they interreact and respond. They have the basic instincts of flight or fight. It is as if humans retain a primitive insect part of the brain, and so although we have a basic understanding of their behaviour, there is an inner conflict as insects are also linked to our repulse mechanism. digital video still. 2006 175861121 Chairism Chairism Our idea of solidity is one slice of the spectrum of reality. If solid objects are really in constant motion at a molecular level, perhaps our solidified thoughts and beliefs are also subject to change. digital video installation. 2007 175861150 Personification Personification Perhaps we are as shadows, or clusters of molecules comprising form, apparently moving and having something to do with each other. Streaming humanity, shades of substance, in effect more alike than we are different. animation still. 2010 175861664 Currentcy Currentcy Money exists through layers of meaning and undercurrents - perpetual interactions between concrete things and intangible beliefs and desires. It is a medium of exchange between the physical and the abstract, a multifaceted energy circulating from hand to hand, receiver or resistor. digital video still. 2008 175861347 Drawing Drawing from the pencil's eye view. The act and motion of drawing smudges the edges of feel, intention and mark making. The pencil seems to know what it is doing once it is set free. digital video still. 2006 175891859 Moment Moment The life of a building is not in its stones, but within the elemental. Souls passed here, footsteps walking through time, as we do, leaving traces of our intention. Who is to say that what happens in a moment, the flicker of a candle flame, is not eternal. digital video still. 2009 175861622 I wonder if I wonder if Pondering a philosophical thought, mulling it over. A question about life and thought itself. Thinking about thought. Thinking about the pace of thought, and the rhythm of visual fatigue. Keeping the eye interested while the mind wanders through thoughts and meanings. animation. 4 mins 40. 2005 175861474 Person Person There are many layers of image other than surface reflection. Our feelings of self can be dismorphic, without scale. digital video still. 2005 175861655 Self Portrait Self Portrait Which version is more true - that in movement, or static, or caught in reflection. Which version more betrays what lies within a person. What light can illuminate. digital video still. 2005 175861784 Pillar Pillar digital video still. 2005 175862402 As if it were As if it were digital video still. 2004 175862219 Screen Screen digital video still. 2005 175862220 Shadowed Shadowed digital video still. 2004 175862507 Substance Substance digital video still. 2005 175862229 Under Under digital video still. 2005 175863552 Visual Visual digital video still. 2005 175863789 Meniscus Meniscus tape slide film still. 1997 175891494

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