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Viewer exhibition Viewer exhibition Viewer exhibition 2007 176183580 Machination Machination. Metal Sound and Motion. This piece evolved from the mechanics of the gramophone and the intrinsic movements and sounds of metal. Spectral harmonics and rhythmic vibrations seem to create a model, if not of the Universe, at least of the artist's mode of thought. Mixed media - vintage gramophone, various metal and plumbing bits. directions - crank the handle clockwise up to 10 times to activate device. 176179811 Machination 176180504 Machination 176180505 Objectify Objectify - Toy slide Projector. Multiple aspects of objects, in various tones and colours. Which is the real version, the definitive article? Is one more correct than another? Mixed media - adapted toy projector and slides. directions - gently feed the slides through the projector. 176181818 Objectify 176181819 Spectrum Spectru. Visual Trickery. The ViewMaster is an intimate and intricate device relying on confusing the eye. Adding a layer of optical technology gives these shadowy sequences an extralayer of unreality. Reality, however, comprises things outside the spectrum of human vision. Vintage Bakelite ViewMasters. directions - lift a ViewMaster to your eye level and press the button until it clicks to revolve the reel. 176182720 Spectrum 176182721 Spectrum 176182722 Influence Influence. Interactive TV. The viewer's relationship with the screen, and what is beyond that threshold is a fundamental illusion seeming to transmit directly into the imagination. Here, the moving hand within seems to be making contact. Mixed media - vintage black and white TV, pantogram, filing cabinet and hidden technology. directions - move the pantogram device by thehandle, effecting and distorting the TV screen. 176183609 Influence 176183608 Influence 176183610 Trace Trace. Drawing Machine. The element of chance within automated movements can produce lines with delicacy and apparent meaning. The mechanical world and natural processes combine into what may be beauty. The drawings are produced by the mechanism or the artist. Mixed media including vintage revolving tie rack and shop display stand. directions - hook a suspended pencil onto the tie rack and turn on to revolve. Framed paper on the floor catches the tracings of movement. 176184030 Trace 176184031 Trace 176184032 Consequences Consequences. Images Merger. Layered images produce a varied range of associations and meanings. Visual references create imagined narratives, as the viewer constructs their own combinations and consequences. Vintage slide projectors and 100 slides from the artist's archive. directions - press each button briefly to move slides forward, longer to go backwards. The images merge in any combination. 176184293 Consequences 176184294 Consequences 176184295 Echo Echo. Sound Memory. Soundwaves continue to travel, and the first radiowaves transmitted are now reaching the edges of the known universe, a century or so after broadcast. Perhaps thought and memories also travel and still exist in time and space. Mixed media, including vintage Box Brownies cameras, hidden devices and archive recordings of the artist's father, John MacFarlane, playing the piano in 1980. directions - push the button on each device where indicated. 176184497 Echo 176184498 Oddlong Oddlong. solid Moving Image. This reinvention of a Jacob's Ladder creates a solid form of moving image or film - an animated photograph. Showing positive to negative, the sequence of abstract images creates a little film in a sculpture. Mixed media including vintage shop fittings and tools. directions - crank the handle to and fro, allowing the sequence of images to turn over and fall. 176184619 Oddlong 176184620 Oddlong 176184621 Viewer exhibition 2007 176184868

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